Interesting Topics. Sharing To Help Others.

​The University Company is building online communities for people who enjoy talking about their life experience or who are seeking information on certain topics. Our various communities offer assistance in a wide array of subjects from new parents to travel. We welcome developing strategic partnerships with businesses that have beneficial products for our members.

Forum-Based Blogging Sites 


Founded in 2018, The University Company plans to launch several topic-specific blogging websites in the next year to give users a forum to discuss topics that interest them. Each site will allow users to contribute content highlighted on the main page of the website. A shopping section offers a variety of topic-related fashion, accessories, gear, and home decor items available through vendor affiliates.

Join Our Team!


Our mission is to create a great user experience, while reaching a diverse audience. We are always looking for contributors with innovative writing talents and influencers with a large social media following that will enable us to reach a broader audience.